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Clinical Trial for PTSD

Check out the new video on our clinical trial for treatment-refractory PTSD. Hear from a patient in the trial now in remission, sharing their story. Recruitment is ongoing. Please help spread the word. WAtch Video

Have Neuroscientists found a New Treatment for PTSD?

JT Parr swung by the lab & we had some fun chatting about the brain. His curiosity led to some interesting questions. Plus, we put him to the test with one of our new mobile VR tasks. Check out the full episode on the YouTube series, “Chad & JT Go Deep” Watch Video

Congrats to Jay for successfully defending his thesis

More exciting lab news! Jay Gill @_iamjay MD/PhD student in the lab is defending his thesis next Monday! Join to hear about closed-loop amygdala stimulation to treat patients with PTSD. Also rare amygdala recordings in freely-moving humans during fear conditioning! ? — Nanthia Suthana (@SuthanaLab) May 2, 2023

Congrats to Sabrina for successfully defending her thesis

Exciting news! Sabrina Maoz @sabrinalevymaoz will be defending her thesis next week. Come join to hear about her latest research on memory & spatial navigation using mobile intracranial EEG recordings in humans. #thesisdefense #neuroscience #ieeg #memory #spatialnavigation — Nanthia Suthana (@SuthanaLab) April 14, 2023

Recording single-neuron activity during walking in humans

Congrats to postdoc Matthias Stangl for receiving the Notice of Award for an NIH sponsored K99/R00 grant! tweet by Matthias: @MatStangl I’m thrilled to share that I’ve received a K99/R00 “Pathway to Independence Award” from the NIH (NINDS), to investigate the neural mechanisms of spatial representations beyond the self, and for my transition to an […]