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Congrats to Jay for successfully defending his thesis

More exciting lab news! Jay Gill @_iamjay MD/PhD student in the lab is defending his thesis next Monday! Join to hear about closed-loop amygdala stimulation to treat patients with PTSD. Also rare amygdala recordings in freely-moving humans during fear conditioning! ? — Nanthia Suthana (@SuthanaLab) May 2, 2023

Matthias Stangl receives K99 grant

  Congrats to postdoc Matthias Stangl for receiving the Notice of Award for an NIH sponsored K99/R00 grant! tweet by Matthias: @MatStangl I’m thrilled to share that I’ve received a K99/R00 “Pathway to Independence Award” from the NIH (NINDS), to investigate the neural mechanisms of spatial representations beyond the self, and for my transition to […]

Semel Faculty Spotlight – Dr. Nanthia Suthana

Probing the Untethered Brain Measuring learning and memory on the go Studying memory using VR Nanthia Suthana is the Associate Director of the Neuromodulation Division at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behavior. She sat down to talk about her research using permanent brain implants to study learning and memory in humans, her uncharted […]

Jay Gill receives F31/NRSA grant

Congrats to Jay Gill for just receiving the Notice of Award for an NRSA F31… & with a score of 12 (1 %)! tweet by Jay (@_iamjay): ND -> 1st %! Poured my heart into my 1st NRSA submission and was absolutely gutted when it wasn’t discussed. Extremely thankful for my advisors @SuthanaLab @JonathanCKao for […]

Best Data Blitz Award goes to… Sabrina Levy!

Congratulations to MSTP student Sabrina Levy who won the best data blitz Award during the UCLA CENT 2021 Online Symposium! Sabrina also recently advanced to PhD candidacy. Lots of reasons to celebrate! The Annual UCLA Symposium on Neurotechnology gathers leading-edge scientists, engineers and medical professionals at UCLA to foster understanding and development of neurotechnology, the new frontier in brain […]

Stories of WiN interview with Nanthia Suthana

Women in Neuroscience (WiN) highlights the stories of female neuroscientists at different career stages and from diverse backgrounds and subfields. Each scientist’s profile featured on this site is written based on an in-depth interview with curated questions underscoring her academic achievements and sources of motivation, as well as some of the challenges on her journey. […]

Nanthia Suthana chairs session and speaks at SfN connectome

Scientific Panel Monday, January 11, 20212:15–3:30 p.m. EST Neural Computations in the Human Brain Chair: Nanthia Suthana, PhDUniversity of California, Los AngelesPresenter: Edward Chang, MDUniversity of California, San FranciscoPresenter: Jennifer Collinger, PhDUniversity of PittsburghPresenter: Ziv Williams, MDMassachusetts General Hospital Research studies using rare recordings from the brains of patients with implanted electrodes provide a unique […]